My Dream is still alive

My vision for an off grid community is still very alive and real. What truly needs to be done is to perform an analysis or assessment of the least expensive ways to live and how to be the most self-sufficient. Thankfully, I have already done some thinking about that and here are my ideas:

  • Purchase solar panels for electricity consumption

  • Build very small houses commonly referred to as “tiny houses” on the internet to turn the focus of life back toward nature, and less on material things since room will be very limited for storage. Spend the least amount of money building them but make sure the houses are built with quality materials that help keep the houses as airtight as possible (windows, doors, etc) Windows could be used for light during the day and candles used for light at night, if solar panels aren’t an option yet due to finances. Look into passive solar heating.

  • Invest in quality insulation to keep houses warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • Grow as many crops as possible and raise some animals if there are enough funds, chickens would be a top priority for eggs. Sell excess food.

  • Find a clean source of water nearby that could be used as drinking water or invest in a well

  • Obtain firewood from the trees on the property. Invest in wood stove or build fire pit outside. Sell excess firewood.

  • Learn about and forage for edible plants and fish at local ponds/lakes

  • Spread the word to get more people involved for more support

  • Spend the least amount of money on land as possible

  • Find an area with low property taxes

  • Find some way you could make money off the land (renting out campsites/houses, giving tours of the property to others, selling crops/firewood/soil)

  • If you have a skill sell what you can to help make some money for the community or for yourself (wood carvings, metallic art, paintings, stone designs, writing, singing, making videos about community, etc)

  • Sell baked food and other goods

  • Look into some small windmills for electricity if solar panels can’t be constructed

  • Charge people a fee to come see the farm/community on your own time, as living in an off the grid community will not always lend itself to free time. Build some simple games and “attractions” to make people interested and make your property stand out and be unique. At times living in an off the grid community will be very busy, other times it will very peaceful and relaxing, like your own version of heaven.

Please feel free to add your own ideas. I am always looking for additional comments.


5 thoughts on “My Dream is still alive

  1. should have at least one person in the team with medical knowledge. Afterwards he may educate and teach the others.
    Also rocket stoves are a must.
    And books books books on different but essential matters like permaculture, medicine, building etc, since internet will not be an option.
    Be well friend!


    1. I agree with you, one individual in the group should definitely have some medical knowledge, I listed that in one of my first posts about the plan for the community. It would be useful to learn about some holistic medicine and practices, as well as some more traditional forms of medicine. There is some medical knowledge out there from the past that not many people are aware of including myself, so it is always good to learn about other alternative ways to help those who are sick. I will have to look into rocket stoves, thank you for the suggestion. Finally, as you commented, books will be very important to increase knowledge of what else can be done to make it easier to survive and eventually thrive in the environment around us. Knowledge is power and the more we know about surviving out in the wilderness, not only does the community have a greater chance at success, but life will be made much easier for us because of what we know. Hope all is going well in your life, may the blessings of God be upon you for your help.


  2. Do you have anybody working with you on how to get this done? If not, I would like to help you make this dream a reality, and I want to be a part of the off the grid community when it’s done. My skills are animal husbandry and writing. Let me know if there’s some way for me to be able to contact you so we can brainstorm with anyone else you happen to be working this out with.


    1. Clarence,

      If you look around on this site, you will see there a few people who I have been communicating with in the comments. There are some people who want to help who have posted comments on this site, but I want to get a lot more people interested and I want more people to see this website. I am always looking for more people to help me make this dream a reality. I will send you an email so we can keep in touch. God bless you and all the people who want to help me create this dream community.


  3. Hey, are you still looking for people to do this with? Do you have something set up yet? If you’re still looking for people, send an email to I am male and eighteen and looking to be in a nice community like this. Let me know if you’re interested.


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