The drug war and money

It is time for the drug war to end. The “drug war” is a pointless endeavor that has ruined the lives of millions of people in this country, and ended the lives of others. The war on drugs has been a failure from the start, because no government can ever stop people from doing drugs if the people truly desire to. There will always be a black market for drugs because all kinds of different people want them, and if people really wish to obtain drugs, laws that say that drugs are illegal are not going to stop them. What is interesting about drugs is how they are universally desired by people from all different walks of life. Rich people want drugs, poor people want drugs, people of all races want drugs and people of all ages want drugs. This is not to say that the financial situation of the area does not come into play regarding drugs. As it’s been said, crack is a poor person’s drug and cocaine is the rich man’s drug even though both drugs come from the same plant and are pretty similar, as far as I know. Let’s be real for a second here as well. The “drug war” is a “war” on specific drugs like cocaine, heroin, marijuana, LSD, and other drugs. The confusing aspect about the drug war is that it is supposedly being fought against an inanimate object, that object being drugs. The legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco are “allowed” by the government for the masses to use. In a country that is so focused on freedoms and liberties, things don’t seem to be to free. Adult should be able to make the educated decision whether or not to put a certain substance into their bodies or not.

The government is clearly lying and so morally corrupt that it wants people to believe that psychedelic drugs like marijuana and LSD have no medical benefit of any kind (Schedule 1 drugs). Just classifying drugs by themselves in this manner is arbitrary, as it has been shown time and time again that marijuana and LSD are some of the drugs that do the least damage to the body. Of course, the government is not going to let facts get in the way of their outrageous lies. Of course they don’t want people doing LSD and marijuana. These drugs have been known to give people great insights when used in the correct dosage and environment.

The powers that be see a threat in these drugs that can help people to connect to God and nature, and to want less material things in their lives, and maybe even try to spend as little money as possible. Since money is what mainly controls people in our modern society, this is a major threat to the powers that be. They can’t have people connecting to god and having great spiritual experiences and realizing the truth about this world. So they say these schedule 1 drugs have no medical benefit to throw suggestible people on the wrong path, and to prove to the rest of us open minded people that they are manipulative liars and morally incorrect in just about every way. People have been known to have bad trips on psychedelic drugs, but that is no reason why people should not try them. Adults can make decisions for themselves, when you take such powerful drugs like LSD you should be fully aware that your experience can bring about some negative emotions. Yet you could also go for a walk and just have a bad day, that causes negative emotions as well. You could get drunk and feel sick and experience negative emotions, there are many experiences in life that can cause negative emotions. Yet in the correct, positive environment and dose LSD (and other psychedelics as well) can help people to overcome serious drug addiction. Psychedelics can give people different perspectives on life, they can let people see themselves as part of this universe instead of disconnected from it, and they can give people special insight into the world around them. LSD seems to show people their true emotions, so if a person is not ready to face what lies inside of them, they should avoid taking any kind of psychedelic drug.

Now it may sound like I am suggesting that people take drugs to go against the system or open their minds. I am not saying that at all. In fact, I don’t think anyone should do drugs, until they have done the proper research of course. Drug addiction has terrible effects on individuals and their families. There is nothing funny about drug addiction and it’s nothing to mess around with either, if you think you have a problem get some help immediately. What I am saying is that adults who are of legal age in their respective countries should be able to make the decision about what substances they want to put into their bodies. It is ironic that one of the most dangerous drugs is legal (alcohol) while some of the least harmful and most beneficial drugs to society as a whole are classified as schedule 1 drugs. I want you to take a minute and think about why this is. Why is there some kind of agenda against people using psychedelic drugs, and even growing hemp which cannot be smoked like marijuana? Why is the government in a country that’s supposedly all about freedom so controlling over what people do with their lives? Why do employers drug test potential employees with tests that could detect something that they have done on their free time? It seems to be all about control, and the government uses its multiple methods to control peoples lives, and make them as unhappy and as far away from the truth/source as possible.

I believe that perhaps the best solution is decriminalization for all drugs. I don’t think it would be good to legalize drugs such as heroin and cocaine, because that would almost be encouraging suggestible people to do them, even though that’s not supposed to the be point of legalization. Decriminalization would work well because people who have small amounts of drugs for personal use do not deserve to go to jail or prison, or even rehab if they are not addicted and just want to live their lives and use drugs in a moderate way. The suppliers of these harder drugs would still be pursued by police, or else they would have little work to do other than focus on the major crimes of assault, murder, rape, robbery, and other serious crimes. Of course, that’s not what society wants, or have police just been following a corrupt agenda this whole time? Good people are still being arrested for no other crime than possession of drugs, so have things really changed? Yet, is it really even worth the time and effort of the police to go after drug dealers? After all, they have only stepped into to fulfill a service that the people in their area want. The police can arrest as many drug dealers as they want, but there will always be another one ready to take their place hoping to get rich, and another one waiting to take that guy’s place.

Just like the way on terror, the war on drugs is a perpetual war that cannot be won. I don’t even know why it’s called a war, there are no true enemies to fight. How many more peoples’ livelihoods have to get ruined because of this “war”? Good peoples lives get ruined, and bad peoples lives as well. Many good people have spent time in jail or prison for having possession of drugs and their lives have been changed because they now have a criminal record. A criminal record for using drugs which is ironic, because there are tons of good people who do drugs, and they are not criminals at all. There are also people who make mistakes and use drugs and do bad things, but in most cases there are chances for these people to redeem themselves. Drug dealers are usually seen as bad people, but not all of them are. It may be hard to believe, but some drug dealers are actually decent people. I’m not trying to defend what they do either, especially the bad ones associated with more serious crimes. Perhaps the best answer is legalization of all drugs, so the government can regulate and sell them, but the more I think about that, the less that I like the idea. I don’t want the government to be in control and regulation of all drugs. At least on the black market, there are no taxes. Decriminalization seems to be the best choice, because the consumption and possession of drugs is put into a legal gray area. With decriminalization society is not saying that it is entirely right to do something (white) but it is not entirely wrong either (black). With decriminalization society moves into a gray area that is one step closer to being on the correct path of personal freedoms and liberties.


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