The Military Industrial Complex and Money

Well, anyone who understands how money really works knew that this post was coming. Money, or in today’s case fiat paper is what keeps the military industrial complex alive and well. These perpetual wars that we keep fighting are all reliant on our fiat paper system to keep running. I am truly sorry for those soldiers who joined the military (in all countries) because they wanted to do the right thing,They have been used as pawns by the elite, who have more money than much of the world’s population combined. Those at the top, and I mean the very top, just want you to ignore that fact though, so people will continue to fight against their supposed “enemies”, so that the elite can keep people divided. These “enemies” have been created by giving money and weapons to “moderate” muslim rebel groups, of which none truly exist. The money has really been going to fund groups like the Islamic State. It is well-known they are financed by Saudi Arabia and other countries that the United States is allies with. I am not saying that extremist muslim groups do not exist, but when they have constant funds to support them, one must question where these finances are being obtained from.

Of course, everything is just a coincidence and the United States would never fund muslim extremists. Except for that time back in Afghanistan, but that was only so they could fight against the Soviets in a proxy war. Ironically, the US troops in Afghanistan are basically fighting against the same religious warriors today. And isn’t it strange that we are allies with a country like Saudi Arabia, where women are not even allowed to drive? I don’t think that most people in this country agree with their values, so why are we allies with such a backwards nation? Where people get extreme punishments for minor crimes? It couldn’t possibly be because Saudi Arabia has something we want right? No, of course not, the United States would never be friends with the Saudis because they have ulterior motives, and when Saudi Arabia is no longer useful to the United States it will be thrown to the wolves. No, that is definitely not the truth. The truth is that these extremists are just bad people, who keep getting funding from unknown sources. We don’t know where they could possibly be getting their money from, it’s a total mystery. It’s also no coincidence that Saudi Arabia is the base of a lot of extremism because of Wahhabism and salafism.

I feel like it’s important to say that I’m from the younger generation, so I haven’t seen as much as the older generations in this country. But in my short time on this earth I have realized something that would be quite terrifying to some people if they knew the truth. We are fighting a perpetual war that will never end, unless the people in this country stop this madness and go back to some of our older ways that built this country. We need to start making things in this country again. We need to stop giving the future of this country away to China. The east has already become a major manufacturing base of the world. Things are never going to change unless the people in this country take responsibility for what we have done wrong, and take actions to ensure a better future. This is no insignificant issue, the future generations and the children of our country are counting on YOU to provide them with a future that will actually mean something.

This materialistic and capitalistic culture has only caused high numbers of people to develop mental illnesses because they are searching for meaning and connection in life. That connection is a connection with the community and being a part of the place where you live. That substance is having neighbors who actually care about you and your family when you are having hard times, and they do everything they can to help you. Too many people in the suburbs hide away in their houses, never even getting to really know those who live next to them. They spend too much time watching TV and not actually going out into the real world. Work has people tired, and instead of engaging with others, they would rather disconnect themselves from society. Then later on, they will wonder why their lives seem to lack meaning. Truly being a part of one’s community is lost to many today, with all the technology we have, there is not much in terms of civic obligation or duty.

Only those who truly want to help are going to volunteer their time to do so, but others should be encouraged to as well. Sometimes, all a parson needs is someone else to be there for them, to mentor and encourage them along the way. Just like a small tree needs someone to correctly plant it and water it, and make sure it gets sun, so the tree can grow. If the tree is left alone in an unsuitable location, it will eventually die. I was in elementary school when 9/11 happened, and I can say that since then, things have changed so much. This country was already changing, I know that people who lived in this country in past decades say it used to be such a different place. If you can believe it, at one point people in this country had true freedoms. There seems to be a culture of fear and paranoia now, that the media continues to push onto those people who believe what they say.

Since I am part of the younger generation, I did not live through all the wars that other generations did, but I am sick of these wars already. We have been fighting a perpetual war since I was in 3rd grade, That alone is tragic enough, that yet another generation should be exposed to this horror we call war. Those in power never wanted the cycle of violence to be broken. 9/11 was just what they needed to get a new generation to support their conquests. Luckily, some of us have seen through their lies and smoke screens, and there are still others waking up at this very moment. If I can ever cause a change in the system, the days of war that our country fights will end. Sometimes, there is a need to defend oneself from aggressors, but I know people in this country would never just lay down and let an enemy force invade, so I don’t even need to say more. But these wars, the wars in foreign countries, the wars against untold numbers of extremists, who just keep getting replaced by other extremists so the cycle continues, yes these are the wars we need to end.

We have spent so much money on war and it is shameful. The education system and transportation system in this county has been neglected. We could have been number one in the world for fast transit and education, but instead the leaders of this country cared more about fighting their evil wars so more people could get maimed and killed. Instead of teaching children how to truly learn, we just taught them repetition. Instead of teaching children to critically think and question things, we told them to blindly follow authority. True learning is about actually understanding and comprehending something, and applying it  or seeing it in the real world if possible. Memorizing the 50 state capitals won’t help you learn anything truly valuable about them. If you really want to learn about them, go visit them, and talk to the people, watch how things are done, visit famous sites and learn about the history. That is true learning right there, and one will gain knowledge. Writing the state capital down with 49 others will only show that you can remember a lot of things, but that’s only because you were forced to through repetition. It’s basically that same strategy that advertising companies do. They play the same commercial a thousand times, and eventually people subconsciously get the message that they need to purchase those products.

These wars horrify me, innocent people are killed, good men from this country are sacrificed, but the world still  continues to turn. It seems like things are even getting worse in the middle east, if people can believe that. Innocent people are being blown apart by bombs, gunned down in the streets, children are being kidnaped, good people are being beheaded and burned alive, it truly seems like things over there have gone to hell. Of course, all this just happened to occur after we invaded and pillaged a country that really had nothing to do with terrorism. The leader may have been a bad guy, but does that not mean that innocent women and children were not killed in their homes? I know that the military did these things by accident, but they still occurred anyways.

This is the sad nature of fighting a perpetual guerilla war against extremists that hide in the population. There is no winning, people will continue to die, and innocent people will continue to suffer. After all, it’s always the innocent people who pay the largest price. They are caught in between the evil of both sides who are fighting the war. This is why we see civilians in combat zones, because there are people who want nothing to do with war, and don’t want to take a side. Unfortunately, mortars have landed on civilians houses and killed them, yet they lost their lives not having even been a part of the war. Tragedies and atrocities continue to occur every day in countries across the world. Whether it’s the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, al-shabaab in Somalia, Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al-Qeada in Yemen, Islamist militants in Egypt and Libya, and any of the other evil groups committing these actions, I have no doubt that the perpetual war against terrorism will continue, and that the military industrial complex will continue to thrive from these wars.


2 thoughts on “The Military Industrial Complex and Money

  1. After reading your post I got kinda sad, and a little Happy “for you basically” for several reasons that will probably take too long to post so I’ll just give you the main reason,
    so here goes:
    You just woke up “welcome to the matrix”
    Our government and military are the best brain washers on the planet and they’ve been at it for decades.
    68% of the population of United States now believe that the war in Iraq had something to do with 911.
    92% of the population have no idea that the group Isisl was started by the prisoners that were released from abu ghraib
    The torture went on for years, trying to find weapons of mass destruction that never existed, which means they never get the answers they wanted so that torture when on and on. You should really Google the photos so you can see why they’re so angry. They had nothing to do with terrorism or weapons of mass destruction, they didn’t even like their president “they feared him”.

    Or just search images
    abu ghraib-torture/prison abuse 2003

    It seems as if it’s all a big game to them “who can get away with telling a believable lie”, as far as presidents go bush was the worse, Clinton was the best at leading everyone down the matrix trail. And poor president Obama hasn’t even figured out he’s in the matrix yet, which I find totally hysterical.


  2. the elites run this world and will continue 2 do so, even when the antichrist appears upon this world. like it or not, believe it or not the bible is true and you will eventually have to join sides. you will either choose satan [he looses by the way] or you will choose god. money or our labour is what “created wealth” for the elites in the first place, wars were then “engineered” to bring about “their power” and in doing so, it has set the world stage for the coming antichrist, of whom will be none other than Alexander the great himself, that the “world” will follow, believe and “worship” to their own great hurt of course. this life we all live is just a stepping stone in to eternity. which eternity will have is “whom we choose to serve b4 we die” it is really that simple. yes by all means “prepare” and try 2 survive what is coming, but in the end it all boils down to whom we yield “our spirits too”????


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