My struggles and mistakes

I have had my own struggles in life, which have caused me to question my own existence and the sad state of our society. Not surprisingly the root of my troubles is money, or lack of it. I have been unemployed for 3 years now and it gets harder every day, knowing that I have been rejected so many times. I have applied to so many jobs, and each time I have been denied an opportunity to move forward in my life. I am poor, I have no money, but luckily I have a good family who has given me shelter, food, and water. I cannot depend on others forever though, which is why it is important to become independent and do my own thing. Unfortunately though, it seems that I can’t do much in this world without money.

I would like to personally thank all the people in HR and the managers who have denied me opportunities to make something of my life. You people are some of the worst on this planet, and your cruelty and selfishness will one day come back around to you. There is no reason to ignore someone who is seeking a job, especially if they have come in for an interview and you said you would let them know either way. Get off your high horses, there’s nothing that makes you superior. If shit hit the fan tomorrow you wold be fighting for your life just like everyone else. You people are pathetic and you make me sick. Denying an opportunity to someone who needs it is a very bad thing to do. I love how you choose to give the jobs to people who are already doing fine in their lives, and don’t really need them. It’s so great how you deny people jobs, so that they can’t afford food or even their rent payment so they get kicked out on the streets.

It’s not like I am a person who cannot be employed either. I did well in college, stayed out of trouble, and I am a good person, even though I have flaws. The biggest mistake of my life was choosing to go to college. At the time I didn’t understand that being in debt to others is the worst choice you can ever make in life. I have this debt constantly hanging over my head, and it is depressing when I want to pay it off, but am constantly denied chances to by cruel employers who have no hearts for the poor. I am about $45,000 in debt. I have actually been told by family members that, that’s actually not too bad (because their debt is higher), which I think is ridiculous because it’s bad to be in debt for any amount of money.

Going to college was the biggest mistake of my entire life. If you are a student who is graduating high school, please think twice, then think three times, and make the decision not to go to college. Do you really want to be in debt for trying to better yourself and get an education? This is just another part of the corrupt system in this country, along with the outrageous costs for healthcare, but that’s a post for another day. I would urge everyone not to go to college so we can collapse their system. Think about it this way, would you rather be in debt, or not be in debt? The answer is simple, of course you don’t want to be in debt, but if you’re lower to middle class and your parents don’t pay for your college, you will graduate with debt. The only option I would suggest is going to a community college for 2 years, then if you really want to continue, transfer to a 4 year state college. Private colleges are a racket, and that’s another thing I’m not going to get into right now. These issues are not that complex once you see the truth that lies beneath them, money. People are so greedy and selfish that they would gladly harass and threaten you because you don’t have a job and your student loans have come due.

The people who created this corrupt system will reap what they sow. They will not escape judgement at the end, and their actions speak for themselves. Thanks for fucking over entire generations, It’s so great that you made us a lost generation. There is no justification for the amount of people you have screwed over with your lies. I made the mistake by going to college, but I thought I had to go to college in order to get a good job. Now that I have graduated college I am in debt and don’t even have any job at all, good or bad.

If you don’t go to college then you can do what you want with your life, and you won’t have to worry about paying the debt off when you graduate. That’s what I call true freedom, sadly I only realized it now. Instead of going to college, go and explore this great country and see how different peoples live. If you can afford it (I certainly can’t), take it a step further and travel to other countries to humble yourself and see that there’s an entire world out there. You can get an education without going to college, it’s called doing your own research and using critical thinking skills.

Do what you love in life, don’t go to college because society has conditioned you to believe it is a necessary part of life. I wish I never bought into the lies, but it’s too late, I already wasted 4 years of my life. I won’t say that I did not learn anything, but the information I learned does not have a practical use in the real world. There’s too many people going to college already, be different and do your own thing. College is not a necessary part of growing up. Students going to college should be working and not partying and wasting their time learning useless information. They should be spending their time developing real skills that can lead them to start their own businesses, or at least get a job so they can one day do that. Please learn from my mistakes, and don’t make the same choices that I did, the future of your life depends on it.


2 thoughts on “My struggles and mistakes

  1. Really powerful read, But can you really blame them? They were brought up that way. From the day you’re old enough to go to school you are told to make as much money as you can, any legal way you can. The guys in suits will always try to get richer even though there are already millionaires and billionaires and will never live long enough to spend it all. But then again they always make sure to leave a couple of million to their children to keep the cycle going. Every person who has a job working for someone is working to make them rich. You’ll never get rich working 9 to 5. I worked as head of security for a record company for many years and soon realize that I cannot have a boss, that’s when I made the transition to teaching kickboxing and then becoming a personal trainer and physical therapists. I’m now my own boss and set my own hours and I have several clients. I have clients from all walks of life, rich to poor, and my rates range from 150 dolls an hour to free for those who can’t afford it but need the physical therapy.
    One thing you have to realize this is a capitalist society the government doesn’t care how poor you are “just pay your bills” and if you don’t they will throw you in jail and get $1000 a month from a different part of government that funds the jails. It’s a total racket I tell you, I can see why you’re fed up.
    Do you remember what happened the last time there was a financial collapse? The government just bailed them out. But they also had the option of giving every single person in America one million dollars and they chose to bail out the banks. And what did all the big CEOs do? They went on a spending spree, buying yachts new homes and fancy cars. But don’t forget about the big bonuses.
    Can you live without college? The answer is yes. Should you live without debt? That is a definite yes.
    Off grid communities can thrive on permaculture and home schooling. The Amish have been doing it for decades, but keep in mind that state and local laws and government have slowly been cracking down on them as well and forcing them to use currency. They have been selling baked goods, building cabins, fireplaces, carriages etc. just to keep up with rising taxes on their land. Gotta love the Amish, one of the few groups that fought and won the right to not have a Social Security number attached to their name “they actually have a religious exemption form that they fill out once they join the church”.
    About your job issue, don’t you have any friends that can hook you up with a job? I don’t even know you but if you live in the city I know you can find a job because every health club I go to is looking for personal trainer’s fitness instructors, even yoga instructors are in very high demand. And you can get all of your certifications online nowadays. But I might be getting ahead of myself, this might not even be your field of expertise.
    But I do enjoy reading your blog and if I can help in any way let’s talk.


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