Why I Hate Money

I don’t hate money itself. After all, money is just paper with numbers on it. I hate the ways in which people use money to assert dominance and control over others. I hate how people selfishly use money on unnecessary material things, instead of helping those who are suffering and struggling. I hate how money causes people to compete instead of cooperate. If money did not exist, people would care a lot more about helping each other out, out of the good of their hearts. Instead, money corrupts peoples hearts, and causes them to turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering of others. People say well if he wants to change his situation he should make some money, instead of actually caring about another human beings life and trying to help them. I hate how governments and militaries use money to fund their endless wars. Instead of advancing even further in science and space we are dropping bombs, some of which kill women and children . Instead of helping those around the world who are starving and dying of thirst, people concentrate on getting more money for themselves so they can buy more material things which don’t truly make people happy. World hunger and thirst could have already been solved, it is due to the greed and evil in people’s hearts that innocent people are still dying because of thirst and hunger. Those at the top should be ashamed of their actions, but I suspect they are proud. They have been able to make the entire world focus on getting fake wealth for themselves while ignoring all the tragedies in this world that we can actually do something about! Every day I wake up I get aggravated a little more because nothing seems to change.  The good people in this world already donate to those in need but the evil and wicked people horde their wealth for themselves when they could be solving significant social problems in this world.

Material things have robbed people of true happiness which comes from love, having connections with others, and laughing. People are isolated more than ever because they are poor and don’t have the money to go out and do things. Even those who have money are isolated because of technology. They spend their time sitting alone in a room staring at a bright screen. But what I hate most about money is how it changes people. There are people who just want to have more and more money for themselves to fulfill their own vanity and greed. They believe that buying a lot of material objects will make them happy. The truth is that if you have an abrasive personality, people won’t like you no matter how many things you own, and those that do only pretend to like you for your material things. I hate how money has corrupted people with false ideals and images. People watch television and movies and think if they make a lot if money in their life, then they will be happy. But to be truly happy people need to help and love others. People spend their lives trying to figure out what they’re missing, when the reality is that they have become disconnected from nature. For the most part it seems those who have money don’t care about the environment of this planet which we all need to survive. Humans just continue to repeat the same cycles of destroying this beautiful planet and it makes me sick. And it’s all because of the greed of those at top, who have money of course. Because money is power.

If people abandoned the concept of money and just lived simply and off the land, that would be a huge threat to those that control us because they might find true happiness and a relationship with god. People may start to barter again to get things they need and help others because they care about them. Those who control us don’t want that, because they want to keep us divided. And they have succeeded because the majority of society just goes along with their pathetic game, never questioning anything. And it is just a game to them, regular people like you and I are just pawns to use in their game. They have control because they control the supply of money, and it doesn’t even matter that money is just colored paper with numbers on it that has no real value in and of itself. Money only has value because we believe it does. Money only has power because we allow it to. Think about it, what value does money truly have? If someone offered me a piece of paper with a number written on it for services I provided, I would not accept it (in a world without money). Rather, I would request something useful that has a practical use like firewood, or tools, or a nice sitting chair. Why would i want a piece of paper with numbers thats basically a middleman? Instead of using the middleman to buy material crap I could actually try to barter for something that I have a need for. I also hate how advertisers use money to manipulate and influence people. It’s hard not to find the influence of major corporations as a part of our lives. Those who have money make shows and movies which give people false perceptions of life. They brainwash people into only caring about watching a moving picture, instead of being creative and writing, drawing, singing, reading, or any other activity that requires actual use of our brains. They have made many people passive. These shows they create with lots of money showcase false ideals and stereotypes. I am sick of men being portrayed as idiots by those who have an agenda  and I haven’t even watched TV in a long time.

I find it ironic how banks get to use our money for free but if we want to borrow money thats not really even theirs to begin with, those greedy fuckers charge interest. I find it stunning how the big banks got “bailed out” by the government, but the poor people who could use just a little bit of extra money have been ignored and pushed to the side, as if their lives, struggles, and concerns don’t even matter. This just shows that the government is corrupt and will do just about anything to help the rich out, while constantly beating down the poor and berating them for not having money. I’ve seen how the desire for money causes people to create fake charities so that they can keep the money for themselves and lie to people like the scumbags they are. I’ve seen how people lie and pretend they have serious illnesses to get money from others. There is something truly wrong with some members of this society if they would take such drastic measures to obtain money. They are sick in the head, the have the disease called greed and they use deception to trick those with good hearts and intentions.

Even those who are supposed to be very respected in our society are not above the influence of money. Police take bribes while turning a blind eye to crime. Those that can afford to pay police bribes are just as bad because they know not many people can resist the temptation and power that comes along with getting “free money”. It’s no secret that politicians take bribes, but we call this lobbying to make it sound more acceptable. These evil politicians are controlled by those who have the most money, and their desires for this country are not well intentioned. Their desires for this country are war, violence, division between peoples, and general mayhem/chaos. Money is their favorite tool to divide people against each other. Even some doctors only care about the money they get from prescribing people pills. These doctors do not actually care about helping people get better, they just give them drugs to hide and suppress their true emotions.  Finally, due to lack of money we have adults working at mcjobs. These jobs were really meant for college students and high school students, these jobs were never meant to be a career. This just shows the sad state of society, when entry level jobs at fast food places are filled by adults living in poverty, rather than students trying to make some extra money so they can move forward in life. So now, some of these students are unemployed which just creates another cycle of poverty.

Money makes people mindless consumers, who buy things just for the sake of buying things. People buy unneeded things because subconsciously advertisers have repeatedly drilled a message into their heads that they need this material stuff to be happy. Money seems to make people hate nature. The more money someone has the more they seem to ignore nature and focus on doing a bunch of things that cost money. What makes me the happiest is going for a walk in the peaceful woods amongst the trees and the birds, and the squirrels and rabbits, and with the sun shining brightly down on us all. I feel connected with all living things, even though the ways we live are very different. I am grateful for the trees in my forest, and you could never pay me to cut them down. It is because of trees that humans are alive. They produce oxygen from carbon dioxide that would kill us if the amounts were too high. Yet because of money people with no hearts and shriveled minds cut down trees hundreds of years old never caring about their life, which is just an important as a human’s life. Trees can exist without us, but without trees we would not exist. Because of money people would cut down those forests and displace or kill all the animals because of their own selfishness and greed. I hate how money controls the corporate world and people take jobs in small offices with fake lighting. They spend most of their lives fighting to get to the top, only to realize before they die that they stepped on and hurt a lot of people in the process because of their desire for money! It is a shameful society we live in when peoples lives are directed by money. If you have money you have power, and people will “respect you”. But lose that money (or just be poor) and all that respect, admiration, and affection from others disappears. No other force on this earth could have such a horrible impact on the history of humanity, which is why I truly believe that the way money is being used in the world today is very evil and hostile.


2 thoughts on “Why I Hate Money

  1. Great text, you put down everything I’ve ever thought about our society today and money… May I share this text with some friends?


    1. Of course, share it with as many of your friends as you wish! All I ask is that you include the link to this blog (whyihatemoney.wordpress.com) and post my username at the end of the text (xforest22x) . I hope to see more comments from you in the future.


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