My Dream for the Future

It is time for us to stop believing in the false change promised to us by our corrupt and lying politicians. It is up to us to create our own positive change in this world. My dream is to establish a utopian community where people live off the land and truly care about each other. My goal is to create an off the grid community , where money is used to the least extent as possible. Even though I don’t like the concept of money and how people use it, I understand that it is needed to acquire things that we will need to build this community. This community will be designed for people who love to be around nature and want to work off the land and establish lifelong relationships with other people who have good hearts. During good times, we will share what we have, and during the hard times we will help each other to our best extent. I would start off with about 25-50 people, I want to keep the community small, but eventually I would like it to expand to 75-100 people. The people that a part of this community will share some of the same ideals and values.  Of course people will have differences, but that is encouraged so long as everyone follows the basic ideal, which is to live in the community and lend a helping hand to those neighbors in need. That’s really it. The design I imagine for this community is to have a bunch of very small houses, with just the basic necessities, spread out over acres of land, somewhere in the south so crops can be grown all year long. The community will be located near a forest, that we have rights to gather firewood and hunt in. It will also be located near a clean source of water, so we can have water for drinking and washing. I am looking for caring, intelligent, honorable, compassionate, empathetic, humble, good with tools (carpenters, electricians, plumbers. etc), experienced hunters/trackers, those who have experience in the healthcare field( doctors, dentists, nurses, etc) , and anyone who wants to join this community who is a good person. Everyone is welcome, and everyone will have a place here. This community is important not only for the future generations of this country, but also to give others hope that individuals can change things themselves, without the assistance of the government.

Preliminary Phases of Community

1- Looking around for reasonably priced land down south then going to scout multiple locations, specially looking for land that is near a forest, near a clean source of water, and has land that is good for farming, also looking for more than a few acres to spread houses out

2. Purchasing the land and moving down there, I need a small house to be built immediately so that I can have a place to live while the community is being set up

3- Determining what the community will need to be the most self sufficient and where the houses and other buildings should be placed, bringing down 10-20 builders and other individuals who can help me set up the initial community

4- Beginning construction of the small houses and any other buildings that are deemed necessary for the support of the community

5- FInishing construction and inviting all those who are interested to come down and begin their new lives, crops need to be planted immediately, and clean water and wood need to be gathered

6- Living a happy, simply, humble, life surrounded by good people in a mostly self sustaining community that is built on the values of trust, brotherhood/sisterhood, love, honor, courage, strength, and dignity


7 thoughts on “My Dream for the Future

  1. I’ve been researching this for quite some time now and if you don’t mind I would like to share some of that information with you that might help you out a bit. I can send you some links and suggestions that you might be interested and that can save you quite a bit of money. During my research I found that the only obstacle I cannot overcome is a property tax so I been looking at places that have no property tax and all like Tok Alaska and certain parts of Oklahoma but I found that usually places that have no property tax don’t have good properties so I started looking at properties that have taxes under $1000 a year. I want to cut this short now and just leave you with a link.
    I found 20 acres for under $10,000

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    1. Thanks for all the comments Mike, they have been very informative. I hope other people read them as well since you are clearly a knowledgeable individual. You seem like exactly the type of person I would want to be part of my community in the future. Every human has the power to help other living beings in this world, some just choose to look the other way.


  2. We are basically paying to stay in the U.S., Once you receive a Social Security number you are locked into paying the government forever, once you stop or figure out a way you think you can stop they find a way to take everything you have. Living off the grid in a small tiny house on wheels on your own property with no property taxes is the closest you can get to real freedom. But keep in mind that there will always be some little guy sitting in an office scratch is headed trying to figure out a way to get money out of you, and eventually you wind up in court fighting for the right to grow your own food and share it with others or not being hooked up to the local sewer system, etc etc. Small groups are the best way to stay off the radar. There are lots of really nice tiny houses being built and sold every day, your best bet is to get a group of five and just do it. I would suggest getting everyone to put some money into an immediate annuity so that you will have a small monthly income that can be pooled together at the end of the year to pay your little $600 property tax on a 20 acre parcel of land. Paying a little property tax will keep the man off your back a little longer. And if you plan on hunting, fishing or trapping the money from the annuity will help pay for licenses and tags and ammo. The downside is your group will be less forgettable and harder to overlook while acquiring hunting licenses, paying that little tiny property tax for all that land. But you never know that little man that was scratching his head searching for a new revenue stream might just pass you by.


  3. Hi my name is michael and my brother and i have been wanting to get out of the situation were in and we feel just moving to another city would just put us in the same predicament just in a different city. We have always loved nature and for a few years we have been planning on going off grid but we just keep running into problems, like we were saving up to buy land but thing kept popping up making us spend the money we saved and here recently we have both just lost our jobs were literally a couple steps away from living on the streets and we feel its about time for us to just leave the city and get away from the stresses of living in the city. Im 19 and my brother is 22 we have a dog were fast learners a hard workers. We know how to paint we learned from our father who was a painter for 15 years. We know a little about construction but not enough to build a house but like i said were fast learners. If you will have us well be happy to go.


    1. Michael,

      I am sorry to hear of your situation. I will pray for you, that God may help you out in some way or send you someone that can provide you with some assistance. Your story breaks my heart, because it once again reminds me of how the people in this country are being controlled and manipulated by money, and if you don’t have enough, you will get thrown out into the streets. This type of reality is way too harsh, what does this say about the state of our society if we just throw people out into the cold, difficult streets if they don’t have enough money? What an immoral and horrific action, to basically condemn someone to death because they are poor. The heartlessness of some people in this country is shocking to me at times. The folly of the monetary system is not only that we rely upon it to live our daily lives (which is a huge mistake), but people look at the amount of money someone has and they judge them based upon what they have and what they do not. If you become rich, suddenly society will deem you worthy of being alive and people will want to be around you so they can use you for your money. The major symptom of a sick society is one that does not care about the whole group but only focuses on the individual and the ego, which is why some people care about money so much, because it gives them a little amount of “power”. These pathetic struggles for power will only lead people to become more greedy and selfish. My hope is placed in the good people of this world, who stand up to things that they know are wrong, and they do not hesitate to call out those who are evil in this world. Right now I am still in the planning phase of the community, but I would be glad to have both of you there if I manage to make my dream a reality. May the light of God shine down upon you and guide you and your brother to a better place with those who care about your well being and health.


  4. I have been researching into Off-Grid and Sustainable Living for quite some time now. Often times my Fiance gets upset with me, because every time I am on my Laptop or Phone, I’m researching into “something” that has to deal with my Goal for Future Living. Although he does support my Goal, he does not have the same Passion for Off-Grid / Sustainable Living as I do. I’ve felt so alone in my Quest as of now! I am looking for possibly into a Community such as what you speak of. A long time ago, people used to care about one another. If someone needed Help, the Town was there to pitch in and Help each other! That is a rare thing to see now-a-days! It’s sad to see how people can live so close to each other now, and yet be so Strangers to each other at the same time! My Question to you though is, has a Location been chosen that you would like to set up your Community, and how much Land are you looking to get? How will that size of Land be paid for (I’m guessing everyone pulling together to put in a portion of what they can afford, to the Final Goal), and then later divided up, etc…? I am looking for a more Warm Climate, myself. I know you mentioned wanting to be in the South as well. I am tired of the Cold Weather! Lol!


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